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Langbird French course

The top choice for anyone serious about learning French

Learn French with examples from France and Canada

Master the French central vocabulary, structure and grammar

Langbird contains what you need to learn French fluently

We do not know any other French course with so much content

Virtually the entire language in one platform

A French course which adapts to your needs


Learn French verbs with effective exercises. Practice common situations which quickly gives useful knowledge and expand with more exercises until you speak French fluently.


Effective French exercises let you practice thousands of French verbs in the infinitive. Practice complete conjugations and learn irregularities. Practice complete conjugations and master irregularities and rules.


Learn the French words you need to speak fluently. Practice loads of French verbs, French nouns and learn the other parts of speech. All unique declensions in modern French are included in Langbird. Speak French and select if you want to choose between alternative answers or write answers in text.

Learn French really well

To learn a language really well, you must practice. Langbird contains the vocabulary and the structures that modern research shows you need to know to speak French fluently.

Many kinds of French exercises

Practice vocabulary with lots of nouns, verbs and adjectives

Learn French nouns and their forms, gender and plurals

Different forms for masculine and feminine professions

Learn French verbs with conjugations and principal parts

Practice French adjectives, their comparison and declension

Go from word to sentence and practice syntax, dialogues and useful phrases

Many kinds of French exercises

The top choice for serious learners - beginners to advanced

Learn French in seventeen levels

The Langbird vocabulary is divided into topics and levels. Topics correspond to everyday situations. Levels correspond to how common a certain word or phenomenon is in French. There are in total seventeen levels ranging from A1 to E. Every level contains sentences, grammar and about 500 unique word families. When you have managed between ten and sixteen levels, you start getting fluent in French.

Go at a pace that works for you with an individual course

A Langbird level consists of many chapters and each chapter in turn consists of many exercises. Chapters and exercises are short so you can complete them quickly. How fast you go depends on your own results. The pace is speeded up for topics you already master, and slows down oif you make mistakes and need more time.

Learn French while having fun at the same time

Langbird is designed to be easy to use for absolute beginners as well as advanced university-level users. Practice with fast, simple exercises where you click on alternativa answers, or practice written and spoken French and write answers.

Follow your results and move on the playing field

Follow your results in real-time with the results monitor. Skip chapters and levels and repeat chapters as you wish by clicking selecting chapters or levels on the Langbird playing field.

Learn French by clicking

Select listen, speak and click to get a quick review

A good option for beginners who want to see alternative answers

Suits intermediate learners who do't bother about learning to write

A good choice for advanced learners who want a quick review of a lot of information

Practice fast and reach your own goals effectively

Learn French by clicking

Learn French by writing

Consolidate your knowledge of French by writing answers

Write answers to questions and get your answers checked

Build the reflexes you need to speak French

Questions are repeated based on your individual learning curve

Repetitions are spaced according to modern brain and memory research

Learn French with the playing field

The Langbird playing field gives an overview of levels and chapters

Your personal French course is built based on your own results

Jump to another chapter if you want to decide for yourself

Use the results montior to follow your learning by topic

See what you already master and what you need to practice more

Learn French with the playing field

Learn French fluently with Langbird

Practice French with examples from France and Canada

Master the French central vocabulary, the structure and grammar

Practice all kinds of French verbs, regular and irregular, and all their forms

”A fun and effective way to learn good French!”

Dagmar, Germany