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Privacy Policy

1. Background

1.1 The language Application Langbird (“Langbird” or “Application”) is provided by the company Langbird AB, as a downloadable application installed on mobile devices and connected to a back-end server.

1.2 When registering with Langbird or starting to use Langbird content, you (the ”User”) agree to this Privacy Policy.

2. Information provided by the User

2.1 Registration in Langbird is mandatory to access full functionality, such as changing chapter on the Playing Field.

2.2 Registering a Langbird account. When you register an account in Langbird and use the Application, you provide your Email, First and Last Name.

2.3 Registering an account using Apple Sign-In. When registering with Apple Sign-In, you may optionally select to Hide your Email. In that case, a unique random Email-address will be provided instead. Apple Sign-in will also provide Langbird with your unique Apple-Id.

2.4 Registering an account using Facebook. When registering with a Facebook account, you provide Langbird with an Email-address. If you wish, you may provide Langbird with a different Email-address than the one used by Facebook. It may, however, often be convenient to use the same Email-address. Langbird will receive your First and Last name from Facebook after you have signed in.

3. Automatically Collected Information

3.1 In addition to the information provided by the User, Langbird may collect certain information automatically. This includes, but is not limited to, the type of mobile device you use and the mobile device’s IP address. Information will also be collected about how you use the application, such as which language version you choose, which questions you have answered and your results.

3.2 When you first register with Langbird, a unique authentication Token is created and stored on your device. This Token is subsequently used to identify your device and make sure that you and nobody else gets access to your learning results, your subscriptions, and other settings you make in the Application.

4. General protection of User Data

4.1 Langbird AB stores personal data on you into its user register in accordance with the applicable legislation. You have the right to access your personal data and ask for the correction or deletion of incorrect personal data on you from the register. You may ask for the correction or deletion of personal data at any time by sending an Email to

4.2 The personal data is provided by yourself, or from external providers such as Facebook or Google when logging in using an external provider account, in accordance with applicable legislation. Langbird AB may disclose and transfer personal data outside EU/EEA in accordance with and subject to the limitations imposed by applicable legislation, for example for technical reasons. Personal data may be stored on servers of external service providers who may process the data on behalf of Langbird AB. Any transfer of personal data is made in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (2016/679) and any applicable mandatory legislation, as may be amended from time to time. Langbird AB ensures that sufficient technical and organizational data protection measures are implemented and maintained throughout the organization. The use of personal data is limited to such persons who are entitled to access that data on the basis of their organizational roles and who are subject to confidentiality obligations regarding any such personal data.

5. Use of the Information

5.1 The personal information we collect allows us to connect a User’s exercise results with an account and makes it possible for the User to have progress within the application.

5.2 A User’s Email-address may be used to contact the User in different matters, such as providing product announcements, software updates and subscriptions. A User’s Email address will also be used to communicate with the User regarding matters related to that User’s use of Langbird.

5.3 The information collected also helps us improve our products and services.

5.4 Personal information may also be used for internal purposes and marketing purposes such as data analysis and services. User information may also be used by third parties to tailor advertisements.

6. Sharing of Information with Third Parties

6.1 The User’s First and Last Name are not shared with third parties. The User’s Email address may be provided to third party Analytics Tool Providers and Advertising Networks, including but not limited to Google LLC and Facebook, Inc. and their subsidiaries.

6.2 All Third-Party services provide the same or equal protection of User Information as stated in this Privacy Policy.

7. Revoking Consent

7.1 You may revoke your consent to the Use of personal Information at any time by sending an Email to, clearly stating that you revoke your consent to the Use of your personal data. This may result in your Langbird account being closed or anonymized, subscriptions terminated, and exercise results being deleted.

8. Data Retention Policy

8.1 The Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy will not be held by Langbird AB longer than required to operate the User’s account, as required by legislation or by contract.

8.2 Your data will be regularly reviewed. After expiration of the applicable retention period the data will be erased or anonymized when no longer needed to serve the above-mentioned purposes.

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