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Learn Italian!

Lär dig spanska

Learn correct, fluent Italian

The top choice for anyone serious about learning Italian

Learn to talk in common situations in a Italian cultural context

Practice faster than other methods

Understand patterns and rules

Virtually the entire language in one platform

More words and forms than any other method we know

Beginners to Advanced Learners


Learn to talk Italian in common situations. Get a head start to talking, learn words and forms rapidly with effective drills. Complete Italian course. Learn Italian verbs and Italian nouns.


For those who want to master the details. Practice thousands of words, articles, declensions, conjugations and structures rapidly and effectively in a Italian cultural context.


Build the vocabulary you need for fluency. Learn the forms, structures and details you need to speak and understand correctly.

What you need for fluency

Langbird contains around 10.000 words, their forms and usage, much more than any other method we know. Studies show that this is needed for fluency. We have put a lot of work in making it possible to learn Italian really well in as short time as possible. That's what we think you're worth when you are working as hard to learn as we are working to develop Langbird!

From word to sentence

Basic vocabulary and basic knowledge of forms gives a quick overview

Effective drills help build a large vocabualry

Learn how to build groups of words and sentences from single words

From simple phrases for beginners to advanced syntax

Learn the order of words, the use of articles, the use of Italian verbs and more

Different exercises are combined to an individual course based on your results

From word to sentence

Many kinds of exercises

A large number of exercises in your own pace

Extend your vocabulary and learn Italian verbs, adjectives and nouns. In all about 10.000 unique words. Your own results decide how fast you proceed. Advanced users move on quickly and learn to master the details, beginners start with building a strong foundation.

Learn Italian forms

To learn fluent Italian, it is necessary to know many words and forms. You will learn all forms, such as principal parts and complete conjugations of Italian verbs, the articles of nouns and the forms of adjectives. The exercises begin with the most common forms and more and more relevant content is added as you proceed.

Build Italian sentences

From useful exercises in common phrases and dialogues for beginners to effective drills in advanced syntax for experienced learners. Words are combined to sentences and you learn the structure which is particular to Italian.

Learn the use of Italian forms.

Learn correct and fluent Italian with a large number of exercises in Italian syntax. Practice how the forms of verbs are used, practice how to use correct articles, prepositions, pronouns and much, much more!

Learn Italian verbs

What you need to learn Italian fluently

Several thousand Italian verbs and their conjugations

Learn how the verbs are used, their principal parts and conjugations

Understand the differences between regular and irregular verbs

From simple exercises with alternative answers to complete conjugations

Learn Italian verbs

Learn Italian nouns

What research shows you need to know

Several thousand Italian nouns, their articles and plurals

The exercises start with the most common words

Explanations with simple rules show how articles and plurals are selected

Unique explanations for each word

Learn Italian adjectives

What you need for fluent Italian

Several thousand adjectives and their declensions

The exercises start with the most common forms

Learn how the adjectives are used, their comparison and declension

Explanations which make it easier to learn

Learn Italian adjectives

A fun and effective way of learning Italian fluently

There are many reasons people want to learn Italian! Maybe you want to get more out of a trip, read Italian books or understand Italian movies? Maybe you study or teach Italian or use the language in business? Or are you looking for a challenge to keep the brain active? At Langbird we aim at being the first choice for serious learners, no matter if you are a beginner or have studied Italian for several years.

To make your learning as effective as possible and the content as relevant as possible, Langbird is based on modern research.

Research shows that a vocabulary of about 10.000 unique words is needed to learn a new language fluently. We have borne that in mind, and therefore Langbird has more content than any other course or method we know.

Obviusly, learning a language is not only a matter of learning a lot of words. You must also know the forms of words and how the words combine to sentences and understand the cultural context. Italian verbs have many forms which are used in different ways. Langbird has several exercises where you get effective practice of different parts of the language. Depending on your results, new exercises are created and combined to your individual course. Read more about our Italian course here!

”Langbird helped me master Italian!”

George, Birmingham